Tracy and Marilyn

Devotional 13th March 2018

Will we respond to God’s call?

“’So now go, I am sending you to Pharaoh to bring my people, the Israelites, out of Egypt.’

But Moses said to God, ’but who am I that I should go?’

And God said, ‘I will be with you.’” Exodus 3: 1-12 (NIV)

Following the last devotional about the amazing treasure we have in Christ, I started thinking about how we respond to God’s call in our lives?All of us are chosen by God to do His works of love but we can often hold back out of a sense of inadequacy or because our lives are busy.Moses came to my mind, the fact that God chose Moses but Moses also had to choose whether to accept God’s calling or remain feeling guilty and unfulfilled.

I love the way that God made himself known to Moses in the midst of the ordinary, a commonplace bush in the desert. God always meets us where we are, invading the mundane with heaven’s glory. If only we are willing to stop, look and pray as Moses did, we will be touched by God’s grace in amazingly transforming ways.

Moses was in a desert place both literally and spiritually.He had messed up his calling forty years before by trying to fulfil it in his own strength and ended up committing murder.When God met with him he was burnt out by regret and shame and could only say ‘but’ in response to God’s call.

Do you feel a deep sense of regret in your life?Are you in a desert of loneliness like Moses?God has chosen you too and can transform your life from the inside out.He never gave up on Moses despite what he’d done and He never gives up on us either.He has created for a purpose and that still stands even when we fall on our faces.He knows how to use the things we go through to transform and strengthen us.The key is if we will respond to His love and calling as He will never force it upon us.

One night I was very depressed but I sensed God prompting me to go outside and look at the stars.All I could see was black sky reflecting my hopelessness, but suddenly I noticed a twinkling star and then innumerable diamonds spread across the sky.God spoke to me then that I was like those stars shining into the darkness of our world with the beauty of His love. I was completely undone by this word and I knew that I had to choose whether to believe God and walk in my calling to be that shining star or stay in my prison of despair.Moses was full of excuses but did eventually ‘hear’ and respond to God’s call.And for me, I know God has chosen me and His transforming work is still ongoing in my life.

How about you?

‘God has called you, He has chosen you, He really loves you, He’s always close beside you, and as you lean on Him, He will give you the resources of Heaven’

Tracy Williamson

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