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Devotional Easter 2019

The Passion of Jesus

Soon we will be in the days leading up to the passion of Jesus and the shattering events of Good Friday, and His incredible, all giving, sacrificial love poured out for us. I found myself asking: ‘Lord what was in your heart as you faced the cross? What enabled you to go through with it? I know you felt such deep anguish that your sweat was like drops of blood as you saw the full horror of what would unfold. Not just the physical agony but the savage rejection of those who had said they loved you. And even more, the sheer weight of the sin and shame you willingly carried for me, for us all. What was in your heart dear Lord Jesus? Knowing how fickle we are, why did you not just give up and take the easy route? You even had to endure the agony of your loving Father turning His back on you because of the sin you were carrying for me! How can I thank you enough Lord? How can I even understand such love?

And in my heart as I pray and listen for His voice I suddenly sense Him looking down on me from the cross, with such passionate love in his eyes. The love that a mother feels for her child: a believing, yearning, agonising love that always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. The love that cherishes and protects and calls and affirms. I am awed and realise afresh, this was the love that took Him to the cross for me and which still burns in His heart for each one of us today.

As I thought of this the following poem came to me:

He looks down upon me with such tenderness and love

He knows me for I am His

He formed me in my mother’s womb

It was His hands that wove me together in the secret place

He the creator of this universe stamped my DNA with the kiss of His own image

Through His blood, oh His precious blood poured out,

So poured out, for me,

He re birthed me; a new birth; a true birth

Without Him to sustain me I could not have been

Would have remained a shell, a broken gift, a shattered dream

But not become a child

A daughter, an heir

A person in my own right.

Jesus in me, fusion with the Father

The Spirit nurturing, mothering, drawing me into life.

For me Jesus emptied Himself

Was broken inside and out

Cried out in pain and anguish

Willingly forfeiting His Father’s love

Yet even as He was beaten, torn, crucified,

Even as He smashed forever the rocks and desert of death

Even then, He gazed in adoration upon me, His newborn.

O Jesus[1]

May He bless you with the richness and reality of His amazing love this Easter.

[1] Poem published in The Father’s Kiss by Tracy Williamson, 2018

Tracy Williamson

Passion of Christ